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Intercooler Chiller Freezer Co2 Spray w/o Bottle


Intercooler Chiller Freezer Co2 Spray from Bosphorus Innovations
Introducing our cutting-edge CO2 Intercooler Cooling System, designed for all Turbocharged and Supercharged applications. Combat high intake temperatures during scorching weather with this revolutionary system. By spraying liquid CO2 across the intercooler’s core, intake temperatures can be reduced by an astounding 80 degrees. Experience the power of cooler intake temperatures, resulting in increased horsepower and overall enhanced performance for your vehicle.
Enter the future of power with our Intercooler Chiller – a game-changing product engineered to lower air and fuel temperatures, unlocking untapped potential. Utilizing the principles of aerodynamics and cryogenics, Bosphorus Innovations has crafted a system that leverages the cryogenic properties of liquid Intercooler Chiller, reducing intake charge temperatures by up to 50°F.
This modular system is easily expandable, offering two methods to cool the air charge and one for cooling fuel – all powered by the same burst of liquid CO2. Accessible at welding, medical supply locations, or where paintball guns are charged, CO2 availability is widespread. Embrace the Power of COOL and step into the future of enhanced engine performance.
Meet CO2, another groundbreaking product by Bosphorus Innovations. Employing the cryogenic properties of liquid CO2, CO2 reduces intake charge temperatures by up to 50°F through advanced aerodynamics and cryogenics. The modular design allows easy expansion, offering two methods for cooling the air charge and one for cooling fuel – all powered by a burst of liquid CO2. Widely available at welding, medical supply locations, or paintball gun charging points, CO2 is your key to unlocking the Power of COOL.
For those seeking an alternative in supercharged or turbo applications where nitrous is not an option, Bosphorus Innovations presents the Intercooler Chiller. Transform your air-to-air intercooler experience by dramatically reducing air inlet temperatures with the efficient spray of CO2. Welcome to the realm of innovative solutions for optimal engine performance.
You can bend the copper cooling tubing for your intercooler core. We will send a bending tool.
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Included: (The system does not include a bottle. You can use any Co2 bottle that has AN4 output)
  1. 2 x 1/4″ BSP to AN4 Fittings (7/16″)
  2. 15 Ft (4.5 meter) Stainless Steel Braided 3/16″ PTFE Tubings (4.83mm ID – 7.62mm OD)
  3. 3.2 Ft (1 meter) 6mm Diameter Copper Cooling Core
  4. AN4 Female to 6mm Push-In Locking Fitting
  5. High Flow 12 Volt Solenoid Valve
  6. Wiring loom with Relay
  7. On/Off Switch
  8. Push Button Switch or WOT Switch
  9. 7.5 Amp Blade Fuse
  10. Fuse Holder
  11. Orange LED
  12. LED Holder
  13. 5 x Female cable connector
  14. Ground cable connector
  15. 5 x Zip Tie
  16. Stickers
  17. Tube bending tool
Trigger Type

Push Button Switch, Wide Open Throttle Switch


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