0,2-2,5 Bar Boost Switch


• Works on all Water-Methanol Injection Kits
• Compatible with AEM, Snow Performance, Devils Own, Cooling Mist, Aquamist, and all of the other kinds of Water/ Methanol Injection
• %100 Methanol compatible and can be used for any alcohol-water mix.
• Adjustable pressure switches allow to open or close an electric circuit upon reaching a predetermined pressure value.
• The preset pressure is found by rotating the external screw located at the center of the instrument, clockwise to increase and vice-versa to decrease the pressure setpoint value.
• Mechanical stops protect both the spring and the micro-switch from over-pressurization.

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1. 3-36 Psi (0,2-2,5 Bar) Adjustable Boost Pressure Switch
2. 1/8″ Npt – 1/4″(6mm) Compression type fitting
3. Installation manual

Technical features:
• Hose tail port connection
• Seals: Viton, EPDM, PTFE
• Body: Nickel Plated Steel
• Assembly: in every position
• Working temperature: -4°F to 176°F  (-20°C to 80°C) degree
• Switching frequency: 200 cycles/min (3.3 Hz)
• Mechanical lifetime: 100 million cycle
• Maximum pressure:  174 Psi (12 Bar)
• Switching accuracy: ± 5% of the end of the scale at 68°F (20°C) degree
• Operating point: Adjustable through a central screw
• Maximum Current: 0.5 A
• Normally open position
• Unique design provides the precision adjustment between 3-36 Psi (0,2-2,5 Bar)


without Fitting, Push-in Hose Fitting, Push-on Hose Fitting, Barb Fitting


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