WMI Pump


  • High-pressure Diaphragm Pump
  • Material: Durable HDPE/ABS Plastic, Rubber, Steel
  • Pressure adjustable from 72 – 150 psi/ 5 – 10 bar via changing the input supply voltage between 12v to 35v
  • %100 Methanol compatible and can be used for any alcohol-water mix.
  • No pressure cut off switch eliminating any oscillation/pulsation
  • Internally bypasses for a smooth constant even flow at the nozzle
  • Large 3/8th NPT female threaded fitting-type ports
  • Maximum current: 1 amp
  • Lower rpm motor avoid from oscillation/ pulsation
  • Lowest rpm  water/ methanol injection pump – 60 RPM
  • 60 LPH or 15.85 GPH
  • Can work up to 35 volt
  • Can supply the pump 15kHz PWM signal
  • Can run dry up to an hour without damage

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1. 150 PSI Pump


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