WMI Stage 1+ NA


Water/ Methanol Injection Kit benefits:

  • Decrease the manifold temperature.
  • Prevent from melting the pistons by decreasing EGT.
  • Increasing the total number of octane prevent from knocking.
  • Increase the dynamic compression.
  • Increase combustion efficiency.
  • Reduces carbon monoxide (CO) emissions.
  • Reduces carbon dioxide (CO2) emission.
  • Reduces NOx emissions.
  • Reduces HC emissions.

Water-Methanol Injection Kit features:

  • When the pump start, led turn on and you can set the desired level.
  • Kit has the latest technology digital equipment.
  • Electronically controlled pump controller.
  • All parts produced by methanol durable materials.
  • Easy installation with special plugs.
  • Optional transfer pump offers up to use.
  • Optional horizontal float switch.

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Stage 1+ NA: Single-stage flow based on the value from the Wide Open Throttle Switch.

Water/ Methanol Injection pump has no pressure cut off switch for eliminating any oscillation/pulsation. Internally bypasses for a smooth constant even flow at the nozzle. The pump is divided into two models which standard one is until 1000hp and the big one is up to 1000hp.

The new integrated solenoid valve and the nozzle assembly offers 100% safety for all injection systems utilizing a rear mounted reservoir, injection points under vacuum, or installs where injection nozzle is lower than the water-methanol reservoir. The solenoid fits nozzle between the pump and injection point and locks fluid in place when not in use adding safety and peace of mind to any injection system. The solenoid mounted nozzle works as injector style. Because of the reaction time is fast.

All metal equipment has the durability to corrosion of methyl alcohol and water, which constitute corrosion impact resistant nickel-plated brass, brass and EPDM grade plastic material.

All of our products are guaranteed for 2 years against fabricated problem from the date of receipt by you.

Nozzles have a flow rating of your choice:

125 – 188 – 207 -247 – 288 – 328 – 369 ml/min or 2 – 3 – 3.3 – 3.9 – 4.6 – 5.2 – 5.8 GPH 

Please indicate which size you prefer before order item. If you don’t specify the size, we will send you a 247 ml/min (3.9GPH).

If you are using only water, the total nozzle cc is half of the power of your car cc. If you are using 50-50% water and methanol mixture, your car’s power is cc-based. For example; only 200 cc/min for a 400 hp car using water, 400 cc/min if a methanol mixture is used.

Included: (If you want coil springed compression type fittings please indicate!)

Hose Color

Red, Blue

Nozzle Size

125, 188, 208, 247, 288, 328, 369


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