OBD Sequential Shift Light


HTM Shiftlight’s Benefits (EN)

  • Indicating optimal shifting points without looking at the rev counter.
  • In high performance or track use, It helps to shift at an rpm where your car has the optimal point for the next gear.
  • In daily drive, It helps to reduce fuel consumption.

HTM Shiftlight Manual

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HTM Shiftlight Features

  • OBD port powered plug and play Shiftlight.
  • Doesn’t require any permanent modification on the vehicle.
  • It has 3 Fully Customizable Drive Modes (Eco-Sport-Race).
  • Mode Change and Brightness Adjustment (Day-Night) can be done by the built-in switch.
  • The electric consumption starts with the moment when the ignition is on. Automatically goes into sleep mode when the ignition is off.
  • To turn off completely, the switch on OBD Box can be used.
  • High Quality, fully nature-friendly, bio-degradable 3D Printed and Painted Cases. The standard color is Matte Black, for other colors please get in contact).
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Mini Cooper R56, Mini Cooper R60, Seat Leon, BMW e90/e92/e93, Other


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