Electronic Fan Controller v3


  • Gives a warning light when it starts to work, you can adjust it at any time
  • 16-bit microprocessor controlled and equipped with state-of-the-art digital hardware.
  • Electronic circuit with SMD technology.
  • Installation is done by the retrofit method.
  • Using high-speed single-chip microcomputer, precise intelligent control.
  • Three windows (start – Real-time – stop), LED display, output status indicator, temperature control random.
  • Automatically determine the heating and cooling mode according to the set temperature.
  • Wide Range -9 ~ 99℃.
  • 2-year warranty

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  • Electronic Controller
  • Temperature Sensor with 1 ft pigtail cable
  • 1 meter/3.3 ft cable
  • Instruction Manuel

Product description

  • Temperature range: -9 ~ 99 ℃
  • Temperature measurement accuracy: 1 ℃
  • Control accuracy: 1 ℃ Range: -9 ~ 99 ℃
  • Refresh rate: 0.5S
  • Input power: DC12V / 24V
  • Measuring input: NTC (3950-10K 1%) waterproof sensor
  • Output: relay output, capacity 12V 10A
  • Environmental requirements: -10 ~ 60 ℃
  • Humidity 20% to 85%
  • Weight: 49g / 1.7 oz
  • Size: 79 * 52 * 25 mm / 3.08 * 2.02 * 0.97 in(L * W * H)

Settings: Lights, digital control, key state Description:
Start indicator: START (red) indicator light, said the relay is closed, the machine starts to work.
Stop indicator: STOP (green) indicates the relay off, the device stops working. Digital: middle red LED to display current temperature detected, the left green LED to set the start temperature, the green LED on the right to set the stop temperature.

LL is the sensor open.
HH is out of range, the thermostat will be forced to close the relay.
— as high-temperature protection.
Indicator: Off The relay is switched off, Always indicate the relay is closed.

Note: Relay output interface is a switch when it working, these two ports are connected. If not work, these two ports are not connected.


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