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Stage 1/1+/1.5/1.5+ Upgrade Gauge Controller


Stage 1/ 1+/ 1.5/ 1.5+ Upgrade Gauge Controller Water Methanol Alcohol Injection

The all-new Water Methanol Injection Gauge Controller from Bosphorus Innovations gives you the benefits of a boost gauge and water-methanol controller/ fail-safe all in one!  The new controller comes with a built-in 10 bar/ 145 psi manifold absolute pressure sensor. That allows you to set water-methanol in desired boost pressure. The injection stage is adjustable to match what the engine requires.

The new white and red dual-tone color LCD screen shows boost (psi/ bar/ kpa/ mpa), injection, test mode, fault codes, setting response time, resolution, fine adjustment, power saving mode, lock the keys and output modes in a bright easy to read the screen.

You can upgrade your stage 1/ 1+ water methanol kits to 1.5/ 1.5+.

Replacement gauge for the 1.5/ 1.5+ water methanol kits.

You can use other brands kits as a controller. (may need relay)

In stock (can be backordered)

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Technical features:

  • Working temperature: -4°F to 176°F  (-20°C to 80°C) degree
  • Switching frequency:  2.5 milliseconds (1000 Hz)
  • Maximum pressure:  174 Psi (12 Bar)
  • Adjusting accuracy: 0.2 Bar
  • Maximum Current: 0.2A
  • Voltage Rating: 9-32 Volt
  • 6mm hose connection


  1. Dash Gauge
  2. 2. 5mm – 1/4″(6mm) elbow hose fitting
  3. 6.5 ft (2m) wiring loom


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